SWYES Board and Staff

Bob Hale, PresidentIMG_9334

“In my law practise I have worked with young offenders and have seen some young people struggle to find a safe, stable residence.  I have seen many examples of kids who might have stayed out of custody if they had a safe community option like a youth shelter.  I want other youth in our community to enjoy the same opportunities that my kids have had.”


Sue Pittet, Vice-PresidentIMG_9333
Relationship Manager, Innovation Credit Union.

“I am passionate about SWYES because I am a mother of three girls and family and happiness are very important to me. The thought that there are children out there silently asking for help has given me the energy to make time to help create awareness in the community to help this situation.”


Lee Cummins, Secretary 1922 LeeCummins

Lee’s interest stems from a career in education, and in particular from professional experience working in the area of student services.  “I am able to recognize the need for this support for youth in the southwest of Saskatchewan and in particular I have a keen interest in ensure that supportive and interagency services are in place for youth that are struggling.”


Nicole Dzuba, TreasurerNicole
Manager at MNP

“Knowing that there are youth in our community that do not have a safe place to stay makes me want to help them. During our time as a youth we are so impressionable so these youth need people to help them through any difficult times they may face. As part of the SwYES I am able to see how we are helping these youth which is so important as they are the future of our community.”


Mary Jane Benesh, Director
Basic Education Co-ordinator, Great Plains College

Mary Jane works with many vulnerable youth in Swift Current and Maple Creek and can see firsthand the tremendous value of this shelter for the young people of the Southwest. “When I heard about the Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter, I strongly felt that this was something I wanted to be a part of.”


Suzie Berg
Co-ordinator of Learning, Holy Trinity Catholic School

As an educator and in working on various committees to assist in creating healthy children and youth, Suzie knows the importance of a safe environment with support systems in place to ensure our youth receive the help they require to overcome obstacles in their lives.  “The idea of being part of such an exciting venture motivated me to become part of the board of the Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter.”


Lisa Byers, DirectorIMG_9330
Settlement Worker in Schools with the Newcomer Welcome Centre

“I am passionate about SWYES because I believe that all youth deserve a voice and the opportunity to succeed. After doing a research assignment in university about youth homelessness in the Southwest, I became interested in this issue. I am very excited about the impact and positive changes that this shelter will bring to the Southwest.”


Shaun Hanna, Director
Restauranteur: Manager, Boston Pizza

Shaun has a strong desire to not only promote local businesses, but also foster a younger generation of local entrepreneurs through collaboration and mentorship among the business community of Swift Current.  For the past four years, Shaun has been one of the coordinators and organizers of Southwest Saskatchewan Pride, which has sought to create “Safe Space Employers” within and around Swift Current, in order to promote and protect gender and sexual diversity within the community.


Shawna Olson, Director
Community Development Co-ordinator,
Southwest District for Culture, Recreation and Sport

“Throughout my education process, my eyes were opened to the increasing number of homeless youth and how that homelessness puts youth at risk both now and in the future. Providing a safe place for all youth and connecting those youth with the necessary resources will make a positive impact on the youth and our community.”



Janice Smith, Director
Retired Registered Dental Assistant

“I first became aware of the need for a youth shelter in Swift Current while speaking to others already involved with Southwest YES.  Our youth deserve to feel safe and to know there are services that are in place to help them today and in the future. The youth in our community are our future and we need to support them in every way possible.


Ron Toles, DirectorIMG_9325
Retired Teacher

“SwYES is important to me because I have seen first hand young people who have no safe place to sleep at night and who put themselves at risk finding shelter. As a city and a society, we need to tend to those in need in whatever way is possible.”


Lenzena Zanidean, Director
Principal, Holy Trinity Catholic School

Lenni has a keen interest in helping the youth in our community to be the best that they can be. SWYES is important to Lenne because she believes the youth in our community not only need but deserve to feel safe and supported. Every support offered increases the chances for these young adults to succeed in life and be the best they can be even though they experience hurdles along the way.