Welcome to southwestyes.com

Welcome to Southwest Emergency Youth Shelter Inc. (SwYES)

SwYES provides safe, secure shelter for youth who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.


Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter Inc. provides a safe, secure living environment for youth to build resiliency and strong foundations to adulthood and independence, through skill building, connectivity with family and community, and positive health and life choices.


To provide safe, secure shelter and support for youth who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless.


At all levels of the organization we agree to operate under the following values:

  • We value youth and their potential; including their right to be heard and to self-determination.
  • We value a holistic approach to seeking harmony and balance in the lives of individuals.
  • We believe we all have the right to make mistakes, change and grow as individuals.
  • We believe in basic human rights and equality rights regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual identity, ability, age, and socio-cultural status.
  • We value staff, volunteers, and board members.
  • We believe in respect for self, others, property, and the environment.
  • We believe in having pride in who we are.
  • We value community support and assistance in addressing the needs of youth at risk.
  • We value inter-agency commitment, cooperation, and partnerships.


  • Email southwestyes@gmail.com for donation options