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5 KM Colour Run, 10KM, 16KM



  • Participation is capped at 200 runners;
  • Any age, marathoners, runners, walkers, blades, strollers, wheelchairs;
  • Prizes are awarded to:
    • best time in each category;
    • most pledges;

Run Registration

  • The minimum pledge per participant must accompany the registration and waiver form (see below for more information);
  • Note there is an early bid minimum pledge if registration is received prior to May 27, 2022;
  • Children (12 and under) participating with family members are not required to collect pledges;
  • All registrants will receive email confirmation of registration;
  • Pledges will be accepted up to the morning of the Run;
  • Charitable Receipts will be issued for all pledges of $20 or more once information provided. Information must be complete and legible.

Minimum Pledge per Participant

  • 2 KM – $30 regular; $25 early bird
  • 5 KM – $35 regular; $30 early bird
  • 10 KM – $40 regular; $35 early bird
  • 16 KM – $45 regular; $40 early bird

Run Times

Staggered as follows:

8:30AM start for 10 KM and 16 KM;

10:30AM start 5 KM;

  • Check-in table opens at 7:45AM;
  • All participants must check-in at the registration table at least 20 minutes prior to their applicable start time in order for run time to be clocked;
  • 2KM Optional “Wacky Hat” Fun Run start 10:30AM